Chain of Fools: January First Friday

Chain of Fools!

We've had the event and what an event it was! Take a look at the video

Twenty years ago, Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss produced a 30-minute masterpiece film of chain reactions using common items called The Way Things Go. It is time to celebrate their work - and that of others - building a Rube Goldberg machine at Studio Bricolage.

With your help we will construct a 119-foot-long series of contraptions that will begin at our front door and then click, crash, boink and splash, culminating with a royal flush in the women's restroom! We need individuals and teams of artists, engineers, chemists, tinkers, students and whackos to design and build the machine in 3-4 short hours. The event will be recorded on video, making sound, suspense and fire necessary ingredients. We are counting on you!

Questions? Contact Steve Jevning at


Forgotten how cool chain reaction machines can be? Peruse these links.

"DER LAUF DER DINGE" (The Way Things Go, 1987) - the film that
started it all! We'll show it, and other videos, the night of the event.
The Way Things Go

Honda Accord "Cog" from 2003
The Cog

"The Contraption II" home made video, 2006
The Contraption II

Guinness "Tipping Point" advert, 2007
Tipping Point