Arduinos for Artists (session 1)

During the first session you will learn the basics of controlling an LED and interface with a switch and motor.

The Arduino is a small microcontroller that you may program to make your art come alive. Control movement (motors), sound (speakers) or sight (lights) of your art and have it sense and react to almost anything including temperature (thermocouple), light (phototransistor), touch (piezo sensor, button or load cell), and sound (microphone). This can add a new dimension to your work that travels beyond the fourth dimension, constrained only by your imagination! Because the Arduino is a popular device there are oodles of great information and help on-line.

You needn’t have computer programming knowledge but you do need to know how to use your computer for everyday use. Windows, Macs and Linux can all be used with the Arduino and software. Please bring a laptop if you have one and we'll have some desktop computers to use. At the end of the classes you will have a working Arduino and a decent understanding of how to use it to help your art interact with the environment.

You’ll make simple electrical circuits on a breadboard, program the Arduino using open source software, and learn how to control motors, lights and relays and make the Arduino react to inputs like switches. You’ll be quite amazed at what this thing can do!