Arduino for Artists (Session two of two)

Arduinos are small, palm-size computers (“microcontrollers” in geek speak) that you can program to make your art come alive. They can control the movement, sound or sight of your art and sense and react to almost anything, including you. This can add a new dimension to your work that travels beyond the fourth dimension, constrained only by your imagination!

You don't need prior computer programming experience but you do need to know how to use your own computer for everyday use. Windows, Macs and Linux can all be used with the Arduino microcontrollers and software. Bring a laptop if you have one but we'll have desktop computers available to use. At the end of the classes you will have a working Arduino and a decent understanding of how to use it to help your art interact with the environment.

During the first class we’ll explore very simple programs and circuits to blink and fade lights, read the status of switches and potentiometers, mess around with three-color LEDS and finally make motors spin in interesting ways. In the second class we will dive into the curious world of DC, stepper and RC servo motors and solenoids.

Instructors are Willis Bowman and Adam Wolf with special guest cameo appearances.

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Material Fee - Amount payable to instructor during first class

  • $50 if you have your own Arduino
  • $90 if you do not have an Arduino ( included with material fee)