Keeping the Smoke in: Basic Electronics for Makers

With platforms like the Arduino and resources like Make:
magazine, it's never been easier to get started in electronics.  Having
an understanding of the basics can make your projects go smoother
and save you from costly mistakes that can easily let the magic smoke
out of your expensive new Arduino Deumilanove board.

3rd session:  semiconductor basics including transistors, op-amps, and digital integrated circuits

All sessions will include some hands on projects involving solderless
breadboards and multi-meters, and all sessions will include information
on sourcing components (Ax-man, internet shops, etc). Bringing a meter
capable of measuring volts, amps,and resistance is suggested, but not

Instructor:  Michael Hord is an electrical engineer, perpetual tinkerer
and unrepentant dumpster diver.

This program is a collaborative venture of TC Maker and Studio Bricolage

Registration is now closed for this workshop.