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MIXOLOGY: The Art & Science of Drink

Hosted by Bradstreet Craftshouse Restaurant

Our first Mixology class explored Cocktail Basics:
an entertaining class that introduced the history of the cocktail, taught how to mix memorable cocktails at home and reveal the origins of your favorite spirits.

The second class covered the Origins of Spirits.

Get ready for the final class in this series:

February 27, 1-3 pm, Class Three of Mixology: What are Bitters? History, Origin and Recipes.


Along with jazz, the cocktail is one of America's greatest gifts to the world. You will learn about the birth of these lovely beverages and enjoy a pre-cocktalian punch from colonial times. Bradstreet's mixologists will explain basic bar gear: shaker, muddler, strainer, juicer, zester, jigger and you’ll discover the subtle and necessary steps to make the perfect cocktail. Last, but certainly not least, you’ll be introduced to the science of fermentation and distillation and learn how they create a diversity of spirits. Carefully selected samples of gin, rum and whiskey from Bradstreet’s exceptional collection will be offered for tasting.

Where: Bradstreet Craftshouse Restaurant, located on the ground level of the Graves|601 Hotel, 601 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Cost: $45 per person in advance; $55 at the door, subject to availability. Price includes historic punch, spirit samples, snacks and instruction by Bradstreet's award-winning mixologists. Menu items and full bar service available at an additional charge after the event.

Saturday, February 27, 1-3 pm

Class Three of Mixology: What are Bitters? History, Origin and Recipes.

  • Characteristics of Bitters, Sensory Evaluation
  • Ingredients to Enhance your Cocktail with Fresh Juices, Syrups, Natural Waters
  • Potable “vs” Non Potable Bitters
  • Taste Unique Cordials, Fruit “vs” Herbacious ”vs” Other (Hellfire, Bradstreet, Rootbeer)
  • How to Create Your Own Bitters
  • Discuss the Ingredients, Botanicals, Science and History
  • Create Bitters


For more information, email or call 612-824-4394.