GIF it up!

Unbelievably simple with amazing results. Bring your regular ol' (or new) digital still camera and we'll help you make animated GIFs. What are they? You used to see them all over cheesy websites - blinking "new" signs, twirling e-mail envelopes and flashing "under construction" signs. But instead of the drawn signs we'll use real things to make unique animations.

Those cheesy days are gone but now you can make your own animated GIF using a digital camera and a hunk of free software. Even better, these can be (very) short movies just like stop animation movies. We'll give everyone their own studio to set up and PILES of stuff to use as actors, or bring your own thngs. You'll leave with a short animated movie.

PLEASE BRING A TRIPOD (and a camera) IF YOU HAVE ONE. Let us know if you are coming by clicking here.

Here's a sample we made: